We have some very unique products that cater to the power needs of any household. We use highly advanced sensing communication and control technology to generate, manage, distribute and utilize electricity at the local distribution level more intelligently and effectively.

These systems generate and store electricity for operating electrical equipment such as Lights, Fans, TV, Water pumps, refrigerators, Air conditioners, Air coolers etc during day as well as during night time. These solar solutions are robustly constructed and provide good electricity without voltage fluctuation. It is reliable, easy to install, independent and cost effective solution with very low maintenance cost.

Our solar power solution serves as an excellent solution for household level electrification in area where grid electricity is available for few hours or not available at all. It harnesses the power from the sun and provides electricity at reasonable cost. These systems support multiple operation and switch automatically between the grids and solar providing uninterrupted power supply to the household.

We have special systems for Households which already have installed Inverters and batteries. We can club these Inverter and batteries with our solar Panels and other electronics to generate power, this kind of combination reduces the cost of the solar power plant as the Inverter and batteries are already present. Solar power if used with LED lighting in houses shows fantastic results as these lights use less power and hence lesser investment on Solar


  • Low maintenance
  • Income tax benefits
  • No voltage fluctuations
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Easily expandable at additional costs
  • Can be used on pre installed inverters
  • Smaller systems with small or big battery banks
  • Best solution for places with grid supply of less than 16 hrs
  • Heat dissipation as solar modules can be installed on roof tops
  • Really long life ( Solar panels - 25 yrs; Electronic devices - 5yrs)
  • Saves on monthly expenditure on consumption of diesel used in DG sets